NSS3 Sun sensor

Availability: 6 weeks

The NSS3 Sun sensor was designed with an emphasis on the smallest possible size while preserving outstanding precision of <0.2 deg. It is a great choice for CubeSat missions with a tight mass and energy budget with high ADCS requirements. The device has a digital I2C interface, it is fully autonomous and easy to use. The Sun sensors have the ability to work independently of the onboard computer. The calculations are done by a built-in microcontroller providing the user with calibrated information about the sun position angles in two axes.

Highlighted Features

  • Precise, small-size, and lightweight
  • Fully autonomous
  • Cubesat Space Protocol (CSP) over I2C or I2C slave mode option
  • Own microcontroller
  • Factory calibrated
  • Radiation tolerant >60 krad (Si)
  • Minimal space needed on the satellite surface
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • Integrated temperature and power bus voltage sensors
  • Health statistic data
  • Interface status data, uptime, counters

Key properties

FOV> +/-50 Degrees
Precision (w/o albedo)< 0.02 deg @ 1𝜎
Size X/Y/Z20.5 x 10.5 x 4.8 (mm)
Operational temperature-40 °C to 85 °C (100 TVC cycles -70 °C to +110 °C )
Supply voltage2.7–3.7 V
Supply current<2.2 mA Active mode @ 3.3 V
Radiation tolerant>60 krad (Si)
Measurement rate10 measurements per second
Expected lifetime2 years


  • Accurate Sun position determination
  • Satellite attitude determination
  • Satellite solar panel positioning
  • Suborbital rockets, balloons, and UAVs control

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