Custom hardware and software development

Our team is highly qualified and specialized in research and development of small satellites. We provide custom development in the areas of mechanics, electronics, and software while keeping the development process swift and efficient - all thanks to our experience with a number of complex Space projects and our own testing facilities.

Our capabilities

  • Development of custom mechanical components for 1-16U CubeSats, including design, verification, analysis, qualification, and acceptance tests
  • Development of custom electronic components for Space, including breadboard development and verification, satellite architecture design, flight and qualification model development, engineering and flight model qualification and acceptance, custom MGSE and EGSE manufacturing, lifetime, functional, and TID verification
  • Custom software development for ground and space segment, based on VZLUSAT group software tools, including flight software, subsystems, and payload software
  • Development of inertial and measurement systems as well as time and frequency control systems

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