V-BUS is a highly modular, multi-purpose platform containing flight-proven subsystems compatible with CubeSat standards. The Spacecraft is capable of supporting a wide range of requirements and is designed to maximize its lifetime. Precise pointing, energy efficiency, and high payload volume make this spacecraft ideal for earth observation, IoT and communication services, and educational and science experiment missions.

Availability: 6 months

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The bus is delivered mechanically, electrically, and functionally tested, and ready for payload integration. Integration services can be provided by Serenum, including qualification and acceptance of the payload.

V-BUS CubeSat platforms are based on flight heritage of VZLUSAT-1 and VZLUSAT-2. The first spacecraft of the series, VZLUSAT-1, was launched in 2017 as a multi-payload 2U CubeSat with in-orbit deployment mechanism expanding it to 3U size. After more than 4 years, VZLUSAT-1 is still in operation. VZLUSAT-2 was launched in 2022 as a 3U-sized CubeSat containing a wide range of payloads, including two optical systems for Earth observation, coupled with ADCS developed by VZLU.





Available payload volume

0.5 U

Payload mass 500 g 1.2 kg 

Pointing accuracy±5 arcdegree 1 sigma±3 arcmin 1 sigma±3 arcmin 1 sigma
Pointing knowledge±1 arcdegree 1 sigma±30 arcsec 1 sigma±30 arcsec 1 sigma
Pointing stability±1 arcdegree 1 sigma3 arc-sec over 1 sec3 arc-sec over 1 sec
Orbit knowledge± 10km, from SGP4 TLE± 10km, from SGP4 TLE±1km GPS
Payload data interfaceUART, I2C, CAN, SPIUART, I2C, CAN, SPIUART, I2C, CAN, SPI
Onboard storage64MB64MB64MB
Payload available power- continuous0.8W1.4W1.5W
Payload available power- peak10W10W10W
Power3.3V, 5V3.3V, 5V3.3V, 5V
DownlinkUHFUHFUHF, S-band
Minimum lifetime2 years2 years2 years


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