Space X-ray Detector

Compact digital spectrometer

SXD is a space-rated silicon detector of ionizing radiation that serves as both a dosimeter, as well as a spectrometer. It was designed for Space and Aviation industries as a compact device for radiation measurements. Its small size, low mass, and extreme energy efficiency make SXD suitable for utilization in CubeSats, SmallSats, drones, or various handheld applications.

Availability: 12 weeks

Use cases

All satellite missions:

  • Onboard radiation measurements 
  • Remaining payload  lifespan estimation
  • Shielding quality determination 

Scientific missions

  • Gamma-ray burst events
  • Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
  • Van Allen radiation belts measurement
  • Space weather monitoring

Aviation and drones

  • Onboard radiation measurement
  • Radiation monitoring, radiation dispersion maps

Earth and handheld applications

  • Education and experiments
  • Radiation shielding quality testing
  • Personal dosimetry

Dimensions 35 x 25 x 12 mm
18 g
Power consumption 
300 mW / 50 mW 
Energy spectrum
50 - 6 000 keV 
(5 - 100 keV for photons)
Maximal count rate 
100 000 samples/second
space and ground
Sensitivity (photons)
30 % @ 20 keV, 3 % @ 60 keV
Spectral step
488 eV, 4096 channels
FWHM5.0 keV @ 60 keV
Readout sampling20 Hz  (50 ms) 
Detection area100 mm2
InterfaceI²C or UART
Power voltage2.8V to 5V
Data interface
Cubesat Space Protocol and software for PC

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