All the components in bundles are available also as stand-alone products

On-Board Computer and Flight Software bundle

Flight-proven, highly reliable combo build for comfortable integration. Designed to easily adapt to mission-specific needs, performing all the necessary operations and platform housekeeping, as well as payload control and data handling.


  • Flight Software
  • On-Board Computer
  • Satellite development and command terminal for PC  (VCOM) 

CubeSat Flight Software Features

  • Real-time operating system and modular architecture for convenience and better code structuring
  • Reliable transaction filesystem for non-volatile memories
  • Cubesat Space Protocol enabling usage of wide range of platform components
  • Database-like storage system for telemetry and scientific data (for both platform subsystem and payloads)
  • Data structure which enables to prioritize and automate data download or even to avoid corrupt data download (by metadata analysis).
  • Broadcasting data component for others Ground Stations or SatNOGS network
  • Upload and download data compression and encryption
  • Mission scheduler (for triggering measurements) triggered by time (UTC), location (Long&Lat), or specific event.
  • Measurements cycler for telemetry
  • Logging system with multiple channels, priorities, and anti-spam filters
  • Bootloader for on-orbit SW updates (double bank with failsafe politics)
  • MicroPython interpreter for ad-hoc script upload
  • Responsive terminal for developing, testing, and in-orbit workarounds

On-Board Computer

Our software is currently compatible with OBCs Gomspace Nanomind A3200 and Spacemanic Eddie. Integration with other third party hardware is possible.

Satellite development and command terminal for PC  (VCOM) 

  • Interactive command-line terminal for communication with satellite or any of its subsystems
  • Based on CubeSat Space Protocol network stack
  • Unified interface for mission operations, subsystem development and functional testing

Optional content


Python-based test framework designed to inspect correct functionality of CubeSat components. Most useful during the development phase, before and after environmental testing, and as a pre-flight check. Can be adjusted to fit specific missions and components.


Set of software tools and configurations designed to speed up mission software development and improve it’s reliability. It enables loading of all builds into EM, launches test and automatizes the whole process.

CubeSat developer bundle

Are you building your own CubeSat? Or thinking about building one? This bundle is specifically designed to help you with your first steps into New Space. This plug-and-play ecosystem allows you to pre-integrate your payload or satellite components into a CubeSat-like environment without having to invest in an actual one. 

This package will help you access the features of our software, the OBC emulator simulates all real OBC peripherals. This package makes BUS and payload development much easier as it allows the development team to use this bundle instead of having to use the actual flight models.


  • Flight software emulator
  • Satellite development and command terminal for PC  (VCOM binaries)
  • OBC emulator 

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