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VAC02 is a plug-and-play, fully integrated, versatile Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) solution designed for CubeSats with 1U to 6U form factors. It is equipped with three reaction wheels, three magnetorquers as actuators, six sun sensors, plus two magnetometers, and three gyroscopes as sensors. This compact solution with Cortex-M7 computer provides exceptional pointing awareness and performance for smaller CubeSats. VAC02 can be also modified to handle larger form factors (up to 16U).


MassCentral unit: 414.4 g, external magnetometer: 9.9 g
Total: 424.3 g (including SunSensors and typical harness)
Dimensions27 x 94 x 94 mm (0.27U)
Pointing precisionRelative (jitter): 0.15° @ 1 σ
Absolute (including jitter): 0.45°
Total momentum storage (per axis)0.6 mN·m·s
Maximum torque (per axis)0.2 mN·m
Magnetic momentX,Y: 0.24 Am2, Z: 0.17 Am2
SensorsInternal and deployable 3axis magnetometers
6x sun sensors
3x 3axis MEMS gyroscope
Actuators3x reaction wheel
3x magnetotorquer
Radiation tolerance36 krad
Communication interfacesCAN, I2C, UART
CubeSat Space Protocol
Supply voltage5.0V or 8.0V (based on motor type)
Power consumptionIdle: 375 mW
Nominal: 960 mW
Peak: 1400 mW

Operational modes

  • Stand by
  • B-dot
  • Inertial pointing
  • Sun pointing
  • Nadir pointing
  • LLA Target tracking (up to 6U form factor)

Qualification (QT) and Acceptance (AT) testing

Mechanical shockQT
Thermal vacuum cyclingQT

Expected lifetime: 3 years

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