May 12, 2022

Meet our new  Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS).

The photos are eye candy, but hey, your CubeSat wants the performance in a compact form factor.

We have crafted:
- Absolute pointing precision is better than 0.5°.
- ADCS will fit in less than 0.3U. It can handle 6U CubeSat (modified version up to 16U).
- Sensors include 3axis magnetometers, sun sensors and gyroscopes.
- Actuators include reaction wheels and magnetotorquers.

Such a small and powerful ADCS enables unprecedented missions. The first one is 1U CubeSat Planetum-1, which includes two optical payloads. The launch is scheduled for the end of May.

We can discuss your idea at the 4S Symposium next week. Or  contact us directly.